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Go-to-Market Resources

Don't have a sales background?  Struggling with product-market fit?  Want to know how to get customers to understand what you do?  Check out these Go-To-Market Resources

Finding Product Market Fit 

Peter Reinhardt, Segment

The Early Stage Go-to-Market Handbook 

Peter Kazanjy

The Top 5 PR Mistakes for Startups to Avoid

Startup Grind

World's Best Sales Questions

Geoffrey James

Fundraising Resources

Fundraising can be a challenge for even the most experienced entrepreneurs.  Here are some ideas that can help you.

How To Make a Great Fundraising Pitch 

Guy Kawasaki

How To Start a Start Up (Paul Graham)

Paul Graham, YC

Advice from 25 Founders Who Raised Capital


Hiring and Recruiting Resources

Ideas are a commodity; it's the team that makes companies successful. Check out these resources to help you grow your crew.

Startup CEO: Building Your Team 

Kauffman Founders School

Onboarding Early-Stage employees

Cooley LLP

How To Build Your Startup’s Founding Team

Joe Procopio


Venture Advisors

Need help with:

  • Sales?

  • Recruiting?

  • Fundraising?

  • Culture-building?

  • Product dev?

AV8 portfolio companies have immediate access to our Venture Advisors, leaders in their field who are part of our team to help you build your company


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