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Locomation and PGT Trucking sign  autonomous trucking commercial contract

June,, 2021

Wilson Logistics to equip 1,120 tractors with Locomation truck platooning technology

September, 2020

Brave Care raises $10M to expand its primary and urgent care clinics for kids, grow remote services

April,, 2021

Uizard Launches World’s First AI-Powered Theme Generator

February, 2021

Eclypsium named as one of 2020's most innovative security companies

February, 2020

Delfi Diagnostics starts prospective lung cancer screening trial

March, 2021

Embrace Launches Unity Support To Provide Observability And Debugging For Mobile Games

February, 2021

MQube launches AI-powered mortgage platform to transform lending

March, 2021

Delfi Diagnostics raises $100M for a new approach to screening blood for cancer

January, 2021

White Papers

Mobility on the Move:  The Future of Autonomy and Its Impact on Logistics

August, 2019


Improving Healthcare:  5 Breakthrough Ideas from AV8 Ventures

November, 2019

Enterprise Automation:

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December, 2021