Alpha Medical

Alpha aims to empower women to take control of their personal healthcare by providing patients with access to simple, everyday medical needs in a convenient, affordable, and discreet online process.

Delphi Diagnostics

Curing Cancer Through High-Performance, Accessible Early Detection.  Early cancer detection could save millions of lives and billions of dollars a year. Recent advances in our understanding of cancer DNA and machine learning from Delfi make this possible.

Phenomic AI

AI Powered Phenotypic Discovery.  At Phenomic we leverage advanced machine learning tools to target the tumor stroma, a key barrier to today's medicines


With its AI-driven case-to-nurse matching technology, Swift Shift lets professional caregivers select the most appropriate cases, set their own schedule and fees and, if necessary, assemble a full home-care team along with their professional peers

Brave Care

Modern primary and urgent care for kids. 

Brave Care provides high-quality, affordable care in modern, clean, kid-friendly spaces. With our exceptional Care Team, 24/7 nurse line, remote care guidance, and easy-to-use tools, families get the care they deserve whenever they need it.


Intelligent Enterprise


Eclypsium® helps organizations manage and protect devices for their distributed workforce, data centers and networks, down to the firmware and hardware level.


With Embrace, mobile app engineering teams find every error, accurately recreate every session on command, and fix bugs in minutes not days.


Hydrolix is a cloud deployable time-series data platform designed for vast volumes of data to ingest, query, manage and store, providing massive improvements over existing technologies.

Pulse Q&A

Instant, trustworthy insights from a community of executive leaders from a  verified community of 27,000+ CxOs, VPs, and Directors who drive business forward today and shape the markets of tomorrow.


One Model provides people analytics programs around the world with a new solution to quickly integrate all of their data sources into one platform to generate comprehensive people analytics and gain the insights necessary to drive change and success.

Contract Wrangler

At Contract Wrangler we believe that relationships are at the heart of business. Relationships drive your profitability, your costs, and your risk profile. Our Contract Performance Platform extracts commercial terms and transforms them into verified data that drives business performance saving time,money and headaches.


We’re a stealth cybersecurity company focused on helping you harness Shadow IT


The design tool for non-designers. 

Bring your ideas to life effortlessly

by easily designing mobile apps and websites in Uizard to create your product proof-of-concept. No tutorial needed!

Rephrase AI

MailChimp for Videos.  Use Generative AI to address millions of customers personally, through videos.


Financial Services


Making the process of originating and distributing a mortgage better for everyone - from lenders to borrowers


Hometree believes that customers should get better, cheaper home cover plans.


Other Disruptors


Human-guided autonomy, delivering  practical autonomous trucking today, not years from now.


Revolutionizing our understanding of Earth’s atmosphere with the highest-quality, most cost-effective data for weather forecasting and climate monitoring

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