Serpil Kuyucak-Schiebel

Operating Partner

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Serpil oversees all of AV8's financial activities, including reporting, budgeting, forecasting, and cash management, among other functions in her role as an Operating Partner.


She also responsible for all accounting and reporting to limited partners, as well as the structuring of transactions to ensure compliance with limited partnership agreements.


Prior to AV8, She was supporting Allianz Group CDO in driving strategic group projects as a Chief of Staff in Munich. Before that, Serpil was a financial reporting group manager at Allianz Turkey, where she was responsible for accounting and financial reporting functions and led teams through restructuring and M&A projects. Serpil also served as an auditor at PwC Turkey, managing multiple audit engagements in the Insurance and Banking industry.


She is a Certified Public Accountant and, has a B.S. in Business Administration with a major in Finance from Marmara University in Turkey.


What's an important professional lesson you've learned?

Given my experience working internationally from Turkey to Germany to the United States, I have always embraced looking at life from multiple perspectives. That experience gave me a strong appreciation for different people, cultures, and backgrounds. The resilience and adaptability I developed moving from place to place taught me to there is no one-size fits all model for success.

What’s a work-related accomplishment that you’re really proud of?

Taking over managing responsibility for a big finance team in Allianz Turkey, successfully completed a $883M M&A project with an international team in 3 months and managed a transformation project of finance systems a year before. In this role I learned the importance of managing team dynamics to accelerate achieving our goals.

What drives you to want to help entrepreneurs

As a former and current operator, I like to help entrepreneurs to get the job done, achieve their dreams and become people of substance and impact.

What are your passions outside of work?

I love to travel, practice yoga, swim, and I’m always on the hunt for new healthy recipes with vegetables from my hobby garden to try out with my family.

Who are your personal heroes?

Ataturk who is the founding father of the Republic of Turkey. Following the defeat and dissolution of the Ottoman Empire, he instituted a series of sweeping reforms that sought to establish a more secular, modern and European-style society.

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